Two Olympic medals for windsurfing professionals!

A great Olympic success for Polish sailors – two bronze medals won in the waters off the coast of Weymouth on Tuesday – Zofia Klepacka – Noceti and Przemysław Miarczyński.


The Polish Sailing Representation team at the Olympic Games in London, accompanied by the President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski.  From the upper back right- hand- side: Przemysław Miarczyński. Second from the left-hand-side , Dr. Witold Dudzinski.

Dr. Witold Dudziński, from Rehasport Clinic, has been with the whole team since mid-July and is responsible for the health care of the  Polish Sailing team. Poland had had three realistic medal chances – the first opportunity had been lost by the gentlemen of the Star class: Mateusz Kusznierewicz and Dominik Życki. The other two had been created by the current World Cup champions and European champions, namely Zofia Klepacka – Noceti and Przemysław Miarczyński. Both compete in the windsurfing class RS : X.

Miarczyński was the first to win a medal. In the final race he had to sail to the finish line two positions above the German Toni Wilhelm, not to mention having to be on a constant look out for the  Frenchman and Greek, who were still on an attacking position. ” Pont “, being the nickname of a team member from the SKŻ Ergo Hestia Sopot Club, sailed in fourth position throughout almost the whole race, and because the German sailor was far behind, Miarczyński knew he was able to celebrate a medal.

Sophie Klepacka – Noceti’s race  was more dramatic. She had occupied fifth position, but a great performance  could have even assured her a silver medal.  Ukrainian Olha Masliwec, had been the leader from the very beginning,  and since Klepacka – Noceti had sailed fourth, then fifth, it was she who was sure to take the silver medal, whereas  bronze was in the hands of Fink Tuuli Petaja. However, everything had changed during the distance to the last relapse – when Klepacka – Noceti was the only one to have chosen a different route, bringing her back to third place, making up almost a minute gap to the leader. At that moment the Ukrainian had lost first position, meaning a possible silver for Noceti .  Ultimately, however, Petaja took second palce, and  Klepacka-Noceti took bronze.

We would like to congratulate Zosia and Przemek on their success. Please remember that you can always count on the medical assistance of Dr . Witold Dudzinski.