Ula Sojka

I will never give up

A happy, hardworking, and strong-willed woman, who will never give up exercising. – I’m going to practice until I can fully bend my knees – says Ula Sójka, a Rehasport Clinic patient. He walk is almost normal. Hard to believe that just a few months ago doctors had seen this young girl in a wheelchair to the end of her life. And all because of an accident of December 14, 2009. – I will never forget that day, because my mother had passed away in the accident. Till today there is trauma and scars, yet thankfully it is getting better – says Ula . Thanks to the Insurance Company Ergo Hestia SA in Sopot, she may use the rehabilitation program in Rehasport Clinic under insurance liability.

Andrzej Grupa: Did you believe in your recovery?
Ula Sójka – It was hard, really hard. I had open fractures of the femur, including internal injury: liver, spleen, ankle. Doctors prepared me for the worst -that I would not walk again, and there was a probability I would be in a wheelchair. It was a huge shock for me.

When did you start to believe in change?
-The beginning was the worst. Doctors wouldn’t let me move, just told to stay in bed, explaining that if walked my bones do not heal. So I lay in bed a good four and a half months. However, I had a physiotherapist, who made me a house call once in a while. He encouraged me to do gentle exercises, such as lifting my legs. He took responsibility upon himself and encouraged me to use to a walker, although doctors were of a different opinion and did not give permission to do so. But I walked – slowly, step by step. I felt more and more confident, I started to believe that I could walk again. Initially, three people walked by my side and also carried me down the stairs. I refused to accept the thought of being attached to the wheelchair. And, therefore, till today, I am fighting.

When was your turning point?
– I think it was when the physiotherapist put up at the walker and my feet touched the ground for the first time since the accident.

When did you find out about Rehasport Clinic?
– From Hestia. I was offered a rehabilitation program, which would bring me back to health. In my hometown Człuchowo, at a certain point of rehabilitation there was nothing more to be done. Here in Poznań there is a completely different approach, different techniques, everything is different.

There I had had passive exercises, even though related to the knees. So, I simply lay on the table and my knees were bent out into every direction, however quadriceps muscles were not being strengthened. That is why I was shocked when coming to Rehasport Clinic – everything looked so different. Physiotherapists deal with not only the knees, but the whole legs, the whole body. As a result, when standing I feel much more confident and believe it will be even better, as I am in the handsof excellent specialists.

Are you able to bend your legs more?
– There is progress, yet slow progress. It’s not about the bend itself, yet about the need for muscles to be rebuilt, and unfortunately they are in terrible condition. I did not even know that they are so important when walking. Only in Rehasport did I become aware of that.

How much more time in Rehasport Clinic?
– Till the end of this week, after that I’m going back to Czluchowo, but Rehasport will monitor my progress. They will tell me every time what exercises need to be performed. I intend to practice as long as it takes to reach full recovery.

Without a doubt, because I already see progress
-It is much better than before coming to Rehasport Clinic. I used to waddle like duck, but after these corrective exercises, there is a clear improvement .