What is necessary for skiing?

Co zabrać ze sobą na stok?A very important element during both sport competition and ski or snowboard recreation is a suitable nourishment. During recreational races, a suitable level of glucose lets us enjoy skiing and checking our new skills.

The first and indispensable step is to have nutritious and calorific breakfast. It can be a porridge boiled in mild with bananas and peanut butter or scrambled eggs with dried tomatoes, toasts and hummus sandwich. After 3 hours it is necessary to have lunch. It is essential that you choose a meal rich in complex carbohydrates which assure a slow growth but also a slow reduction of blood glucose level in response to the effort. For this reason we should choose wholemeal bread, spelt bread or dinner rich in buckwheat groats, pasta or brown rice.

One hour before you leave the ski slope, grab a banana, date bar with nuts or casual carbohydrate gel. Thanks to this, loss of concentration on your way back to the hotel can be prevented and you can also take the most of your leg muscles. I would like to stress that despite low temperatures, it is advisable to drink as much liquid as possible; tepid water with a lemon, sports drink and – from time to time – warm tea may come in handy.

Anna-Maria Borucka, Rehasport Clinic dietician