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Big success of the team led by PhD Tomasz Piontek and PhD Kinga Ciemniewska-Gorzela!

cart02A specialist and internationally acknowledged „Cartilage” magazine devoted to the treatment of knee joint cartilage published an important article about a method developed in Rehasport Clinic by PhD Tomasz Piontek and PhD Kinga Ciemniewska-Gorzela and their team.

– I am proud that our work and quest of knee joint help by developing a damaged meniscus regeneration technique has been acknowledged around the world – says PhD Tomasz Piontek, Rehasport Clinic orthopedist. Five years ago, the doctor and PhD Kinga Ciemniewska-Gorzela started improving Prof. Roland Jacob’s method, thanks to which it was possible to create a fully arthroscopic meniscus regeneration technique. Thanks to this, most patients can avoid meniscectomy, that is meniscus removal, by using a biomaterial, cells and growth factors.

– Meniscus cartilaginous tissue regeneration is possible! – highlights PhD Tomasz Piontek

A method developed by Rehasport Clinic doctors was presented in April in “Cartilage” magazine. The article is the primary publication of this edition, whereas the picture and drawing showing the method in question have been positioned on the cover. – I am so happy that  a slogan “save meniscus”, which I’ve always believed in, has been appreciated around the world – says doctor Piontek, who dedicates the team success to the late Prof. PhD Andrzej Szulc – the Head of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic in Wiktor Dega Teaching Hospital. – He was our mentor and teacher who always wished to develop arthroscopic techniques in lower limb. If not for his support, we would not have been successful – admits doctor Tomasz Piontek.