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Worldwide  Achievement of  Poznan Medicine

For the first time in history, a Polish Clinic has become one of the world class motor organ treatment medical centers of FIFA. This is a huge success of Rehasport Clinic, Poznan Polish orthopedics and medicine, Lech Poznań and the Polish Football Association.

logo-FIFARehasport Clinic has been accredited as “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence”, which  has resulted from many years of prior preparation. Such ennoblement by the medical authorities of the International Football Federation (FIFA) has so far been obtained by only 36 centers worldwide – the vast majority of which are hospitals. – ‘Therefore, the greater achievement, as   we have met the high requirements of FIFA as a Clinic. It is not only our huge success, yet also the success of the entire Polish medical society, especially that of Poznan orthopedics, who have always set the standards of development  since the days of Professor. Dega. It is also the success of Lech Poznan, whom we have been cooperating with and providing medical care since our early days, being one of the criteria of accreditation. We are facing a remarkable achievement for the Polish Football Association,  as we have received FIFA recommendation issued by CEO  Zbigniew Boniek.  We have managed to implement Polish orthopedic reasoning into a worldwide scale’ – says CEO of Rehasport Clinic Dr. Witold Dudzinski.

There are two types of centers in the FIFA hierarchy:  global “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” centers, which are primary reference centers, and local “FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence”. The distinction between the words “Centre” and “Clinic” is crucial here. – This seemingly subtle difference in the name, stands for a completely different classification. “Centre of Excellence” is the highest title that requires not only providing  world class medical services, but also the experience in conducting innovative research and development projects, as also having the scientific potential of the accredited entity. The scientific expertise of the specialists of Rehasport Clinic, makes us an equal partner of renowned centers worldwide – says Dr. Monika Grygorowicz, Head of Research and Development Rehasport Clinic.

Up till now, the World Football Federation has awarded the highest ‘Centre’ accreditation to only 36 “Centers”, and for the first time in history, a Polish representative shall join this elite group. – We had decided to proceed with the accreditation process of achieving a global status of a center, and not a local center. Our goal is participation in determining the global strategy of sports medicine, not only the implementation of the orientations given by reference centers – admits Rehasport Clinic CEO Dr. Witold Dudzinski. To become a member of the elite FIFA group ,the following six levels must be fulfilled: clinical experience in medical care over football clubs, the implementation of prevention programs, conducting research projects, training  young researchers and finally the management of football events.

Rehasport Clinic has been a long-standing partner of Lech Poznan. How can the club gain on its medical guardian receiving such membership? – Very much. We have been given access to the world’s largest information centers, their experience and expertise. One can even mention a number of innovative medical activities carried out by members of the medical staff and coaching centers, such as FC Barcelona, Adidas Sports Medicine Centre in Auckland, the world’s centers of excellence of the International Olympic Committee, for example, Oslo Sports Trauma : Research Center, ASPETAR – Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital and the Hospital for Special Surgery in City of New York. This is an elite group and an outstanding possibility of internal information exchange,  as also medical consultations – explains Dr. Witold Dudzinski. – “I am delighted that the success of Rehasport Clinic is largely the result of the cooperation with Lech Poznan. We have been together for many years, and have joined in many fields. Rehasport Clinic is a partner, with whom we not only treat our players, but also organize common events with.  The clinic is also a regular partner in the highly popular Lech Cup Conference. The title that Rehasport Clinic has received, is the best evidence that  partnership with “Kolejorz” can result in even worldwide recognition. This is what we wish all our partners “- says the president of Lech Poznan, Karol Klimczak.

Rehasport is a specialized network of orthopedic- rehabilitation clinics, providing state-of-the-art diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for more than 150,000 patients.  It is also a clinic where novel methods of treatment arise, including the treatment of disorders of the meniscus, shoulder injuries and scoliosis. The Rehasport network includes: one hospital, three regional centers and 50 rehabilitation centers in Poland.