„Wprost” about fast and comprehensive rehabilitation of persons who suffered accidents

Transport accidents change lives of many injured people – sadly they often turn their world upside down. In many cases people who are seriously injured can get back to work, to normal life, and even start doing sport professionally. The article published by “Wprost” weekly paper says that the key to success is fast and comprehensive rehabilitation. The central figure in the article, Mr. Tomasz Tulula, was provided with such assistance in Rehasport Clinic. The article entitled „Back to sport after serious accident – rehabilitation, family and determination helped” can be found on the website – HERE. Mr. Tomasz had a car accident in January 2012 – it happened in Pomorze area. He sustained serious injuries and was in the comma. As soon as his health improved, he started rehabilitation and the breaking point occurred when was asked to participate in the comprehensive rehabilitation program organized by ERGO Hestia – the perpetrator’s insurer. ERGO Hestia cooperate with The Center for Assistance for the Injured which carried out the aforesaid program. As part of the program, Mr. Tomasz was admitted to Rehasport Clinic – where he underwent two surgeries, and then was subject to a long-term rehabilitation. – My lawyer advised me to take advantage of this offer. He said that such rehabilitation costs could exceed the damages values. Soon I made a decision – explains Tomasz Tulula in Today he plays in the amateur basketball league along with his friends.  To find out more details about Mr. Tomasz, see Youtube channel – HERE.